Joeri Hermans


My name is Joeri, I am a Master's student Artificial Intelligence at Maastricht University, and currently working as a Technical Student at CERN. My work at CERN mainly focuses on the development of a distributed profiler, and researching / developing distributed machine learning solutions. My scientific interests are in the fields of machine learning, distributed systems, and astronomy. Although I'm not a physicist, I have been passionate about astronomy from a very young age, and I'm working towards combining these fields in the future.

Latest Work

Distributed Keras

Distributed Deep Learning with Apache Spark and Keras. This will allow you to speed up your learning process by employing distributed machine learning.


Neuro-evolution: car

All website visitors (like you), will teach the car to not collide with the neural network and the edges of the browser. This is done by generating a genome which is then simulated in your browser to evaluate its performance.



Easily tag locations in deep space (directories) and easily warp (like the space drive) to them with a few keystrokes.



Photography: July 2016

Trying to be a bit artsy in, somewhat failing. The pictures are made in Belgium, France, and Switzerland and show some of the places I visited during the month of July. Finally, I would like to note that no post-processing is applied to these images, they are fresh from the camera sensor :)