Joeri Hermans


My name is Joeri, I am a Master's student Artificial Intelligence at Maastricht University, and currently working as a Technical Student at CERN. My work at CERN mainly focuses on the development of a distributed profiler, and researching / developing distributed machine learning solutions. My scientific interests are in the fields of machine learning, and astronomy. Although I'm not a physicist, I have been passionate about astronomy from a very young age, and I'm working towards combining these fields in the future.

Latest work

Most recent figments of my imagination I brought to life.


Distributed Keras

Distributed Deep Learning with Apache Spark and Keras. This will allow you to speed up your learning process by employing distributed machine learning. ...


Neuro-evolution: car

All website visitors (like you), will teach the car to not collide with the neural network and the edges of the browser. This is done by generating a genome which is then simulated ...



Easily tag locations in deep space (directories) and easily warp (like the space drive) to them with a few keystrokes. ...


Incoherent thoughts. Probably some academic work as well.


Photography: July 2016

Trying to be a bit artsy in July, somewhat failing. No post-processing! Mainly because my photo tools are on a different computer. ...